Question about shortcuts & online in SF4/SSF4

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Could it be that shortcuts, other than help new people get into the SF franchise and fighting games in general, were a way to go around the problem of dropped inputs online because of the bad netcode of this game/lag in general? what i mean is, since you can perform, let’s say a shoryuken, in many different ways, if in a match, because of delay, some of the inputs for that special move drop, the system is still able to recognize that move and basically put it out there.

Could it be one of the reasons for shortcuts in SF4/SSF4?


I recently went back to one of my favorite videogames this generation of gaming, Resistance:Fall of Man…and what’s interesting about this is that in the offline and multiplayer options of the game there’s an auto-aim ON/OFF option, and if you turn it off the system wil no longer help you aim and keep the reticule on the opponent.

So, If they can do that and have two group of players with different controls, why can’t they do the same for SF/SSF4? Why can’t they put an option to have no shortcuts? why not?

what do you think? could they patch it and give us an option to turn shortcuts off?

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Doesn’t Blazblue do this somewhat?

The problem with “turn shortcuts off” is that there are no “shortcuts” programmed into the game. It’s just a loose input window. It gives you more time to do the motions, so extraneous moves are ignored. It also allows for any two direction input to be accepted for a single direction input (i.e. Up-Back Headbutt with Balrog to keep charge for Ultra I, Down-Forward to Down to Down-Forward for Shoryuken, etc). Since the game was originally designed for arcades, I’d have to say that your theory that they programmed it this way in anticipation of poor netcode is highly unlikely.

ok, thanks for the comments guys.