Question about single player games in zbattle or CGA

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I was wondering if you could tell me if it’s possible to have two people participate in a single player game online?

Let’s take Super PunchOut for example…Super PunchOut is a single player game. But my buddy and I like to take turns putting up the best TKO times against the AI. Is there a way we both can take turns watching each other play against the AI in either Zbattle or CGA?

Please let me know.

You could have him come over like back in the days and have a sleepover.

He moved out of state :frowning:

It’s possible on kaillera
games like that…aren’t worth playing over the net. Get with the times or you’ll get old.

it’s entirely possible. simply hit esc when it’s the other persons turn and control swap to them.

Yeah I figured it out, thanks :slight_smile: