Question about snap in buttons vs screw-ins


Im working on my very first custom stick (a step by step guide with pictures is in the making) and I was looking through a bunch of posts and guides and I couldnt find a solid answer to this…

with screw in buttons, if I have a 1inch thick board, and if I drill 30mm holes for my buttons, i would have to drill a 36mm hole on the bottom for the screw…

but what if I were to use snap ins, and make little divets about 3mm from the top for the snap part of the button… would this potentially work?

I dont see a problem with this personally, but as this is my first “experiment” with it, i decided to take this to the forums to check



that doesnt answer my question really, I already had read all that… I’m just asking if it would be possible to snap the snap in buttons into small divets in a 1inch think 30mm hole instead of dedicating another layer to them


how would you get the button out?

you have to get to the snap in levers



well I guess id never take it out haha… I didnt really thing about that, oh well


snap in buttons are really only used when you have metal or plexi only

6-8mm thickness is all you going to get



not gonna take it out ?

Snapins + Hot glue gun == win ?

On the other hand i dont think the screw ins has enough thread clearance do they ?

IIRC, sanwa’s about 11 or 17mm, 1 inch is like 25mm isnt it


Trying to put it all together

Thanks for the input everyone. Im on my first custom also and Im still trying to decide between screw in or snap in. Slagcoin doesnt make any implication as to whether the surface of a snap in should be wood or metal; instead the author of the site merely stated the snap ins would support only 2 - 4mm of thickness. However, when I checked Lizardlicks the sight stated that the snap ins were for metal only. Therefore I guess my question is do screw ins feel different from snap ins and do you actually need to make a bigger hole of 36 mm’s?

Thank you


Screw-ins use the same type of hole size, only you tighten a nut to keep the button from falling out of the hole. Anywhere you can put in a snap-in button can take a screw in (you just need room for the threaded nut, so don’t make a custom setup with the buttons say, resting RIGHT against the side of the stick).

You can put snap ins in anything that is the proper thickness, it doesn’t matter what the hell you put it in, just the material has to be thick enough to get in that small space.

If you’r working with wood you’ll HAVE to go screw-ins, most wood that’s thin enough for snap-ins cannot stand the force of hardcore playing and will wear/tear I believe.

So in the end just go with screw-ins, there is no disadvantage in performance they are exactly the same sans the operation of how they are kept in place.


use a plexi top layer and cut 2 lines in the holes of the wood below it


Screw ins are probably best for your use, personal opinion.

And in regards to ‘never taking them out again’, don’t do anything silly like using a hot glue gun as stated above, as you never know when that button will stop functioning, and you’ll have to remove it…


I used snap ins in a board 3/4 thick and while the buttons don’t catch on anything, they aren’t going anywhere because I push on the buttons, not pull on them. If I need to take them out I just push them out from the inside.


Like woo woo said cut some notches in the wood & use a 3mm plexi top that the buttons can snap in to, This will look good & protect the art work for the stick.