Question about Spinning Balltop for VS fightstick


So I bought the vs stick for sfvsTekken and the ball top for the stick spins, in both directions It doesn’t come off or loose that I’ve found, but it becomes annoying sometimes because my fingers seem to slip off when it starts to spin. Is that normal, and something I will have to get used too? Or is there a way to stop it from spinning? Any help would be much appreciated.


That’s perfectly normal. Just get used to it.


i got madcatz sticks…and it will come off if you twist it enough…they come off in case you want to replace/customize it…i always take a pair of vice grips or pliers and really tighten it down tight so it wont spin off anymore…I’ve done both my TE sticks like that…the spinning thing annoys me too…


My Madcatz TE has a spinning top but it doesnt ever actually spin while im doing inputs or playing the game in general. it does spin though. Maybe your grip or grip style is too loose or something. Who knows.

  1. He’s taking about something different entirely. JLFs rotate, shaft and all.
  2. Don’t use pliers/vice grips on the ball unless you want to scuff it up. Open the case up, then use a flat head screw driver on the bottom of the shaft to hold it in place, then tighten it by hand.


yeah, I guess I should have been more clear…I mean I grab the shaft w the pliers, and tighten the balltop down by hand. once I get it down a little tighter than what it normally is out the box, i dont have any problems…


yup, its normal. Though I wish it wasnt. I think I would have learned stick much faster if it didnt rotate.


Thanks for everyone’s comments that helps. So I guess I’m just getting used to it, lol. So I guess i will just have to tighten up my grip. But seriously there is no way to get it to stop it from spinning?


You don’t want to tighten your grip. Your fingers should basically be relaxed and cradling the balltop so you can move it precisely in any direction as needed.




You do realize that the proper way to tighten the balltop is to open the sticks up and then slot a flat head screwdriver in the slot at the bottom of the shaft, right?


Yeah…but i didnt feel like opening my stick. And it worked…so eh.