Question about splicing USB cables


I decided to mod my HRAP EX today, but I think I tried to get a little too creative. Instead of using a Neutrik USB port, I decided that I would save a couple bucks and instead, splice a Male A to Female A cable to the stock USB cable (so that a short little female A port would hang from the outside of the case). I then connected a Male A to Male A cable from the newly added extension to my xbox, only to be greeted by a red light on the xbox and absolutely no activity from the stick itself. Did I do something wrong with the cables, or do I have to look elsewhere in the stick for the problem? Thanks in advance


you shorted your vcc and your ground

red and black should NEVER touch

either that or your vcc is touching other wires


Wow, turns out that I didn’t insulate the splice that well. Works perfectly now, thanks