Question about sticks used at Evo 2k9


I noticed that most of the players are using TE sticks, and some have their own (HRAP, custom ect.) Do the TE sticks belong to the players or are they standard issue at the tournament for players that dont bring their own equipment?

Also what kind of stick was Alex Valle using yesterday? Looked all Happ to me


Bring your own stick B!

As for Valle’s stick, no idea. Wasn’t focusing on the stick during his matches


It looks like the TE stick is the preferred equipment at Evo. I would say 9 out of 10 players were using these. As good as the TE is i did not know that players preferred these to lets say there own custom or an HRAP. I quess Madcatz has a real winner here.


Yeah, most older players had customs or HRAPs before the TE was out, but a lot of them jumped on the TE bandwagon eventually. I normally play on a custom and a HRAP, but I tried a TE stick once and those things are ridiculously comfyyyy.

I thought it was interesting that Buktooth uses a modded FS3 though.


I was the ONE guy in the building rocking the X-arcade.
Yes, that one.
I went out looking for an SE (no chance on a TE) PS3 stick before the tourney and there wasn’t one stick for the PS3 of any kind, at all, in Las Vegas, a city of 2 million residents. So I got stuck with this POS Frankenstein 3-adaptered 20ms lagged X-arcade from my PC for friggin EVO! At least one dude let me borrow his TE so I didn’t get more embarrassed than I expected against Dan on the main stage.
Next year i think I’m going to keep the X-arcade just for the “oh this guy MUST be a scrub” factor, but it’ll have the iL stick and convex Happ buttons outside and the Cthulu inside. Muahaha. If I beat someone with that stick they’ll hate me more than the security lines at the Vegas airport.

I’m a sneaky bastard.


I actually saw that and was wondering how you got that on the plane or however you got there.

But I think that the TE is preferred because its good to go right out of the box. I know quite a few people are XBL players and with the Toodles/Imp mod, it makes it easy to work with one wire.

I also know from experience that the HRAP is badluck (for me anyways) when you try to mash out of stun and stuff because of how sensitive the start and select buttons are.


Valle stick looks like a Voltech custom box with Happ joystick


Oh, that part was easy. I drove from my house about 10 minutes away. :slight_smile: Sometimes being a local is nice, if you don’t mind driving in a town where 40% of the local driving population drunk.


lol some person made a a stick out of a Fed-Ex box
it was hella random


^lol that has to be the world’s greatest stick


Valle’s stick

I asked Valle at the tournament, “Is that a Voltech stick?” He said yes.

Alex Valle’s stick is a Voltech stick.