Question about streaming: How to change player names on stream


what method/program is used to do this?


Generally you’ll have a stream overlay, which is the graphical part, and you add that to your scene in OBS/XSplit. The overlay should include two blank areas at the top. You just add two text fields to the scene and place them over these blank areas, make them pretty with whatever font/color you want, type in the desired names, and edit when needed.


thank you so much, I had know idea the text fields can be added through the said programs? Thanks again.


if you are using xsplit grab the X split panel writer from 8 way


StreamControl is better.
This is what we’ve been using for most of our tournaments here in SEA including SEA Majors as well as the Capcom Pro Tour Asia qualifiers.
It can take a bit more work to set up, especially once you start doing more custom stuff, but it’s infinitely more versatile than Panel Writer.

Here’s a demo of the overlay we use on Offcast’s channel for our monthlies.


Also, you can just download an existing HTML5 based design and simply swap out the graphics on the PNG files using Photoshop.

I have a couple on my site that you can use as a base.


Wow! That is incredible :slight_smile: