Question about "Street Fighter" fan films


O.k., this question might sound a bit strange, but I really like to know this: Why does every short “Street Fighter” fan film take place in a forest? Seriously, it’s always a fight in a forest.

Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

Aren’t those fans supposed to be able to create something creative? Yet, all they come up with is the same lame idea. Why is this the case? Does anybody have an answer for it? I mean, you could come up with several ideas to present a fight in a short movie mockup. But it’s always Ryu vs. Ken and it’s always in a forest. Why?

(The only guy who did something different is this one.


Convenience, I guess?

Filming with people around can be bothersome, so filmers tend to look for isolated places. A forest is more or less cool, and easier to film in than temples, empty railroads, jungles, criminal underground bases or active volcanoes.


But still, does nobody of those film makers have a look at the previous movies? The first one is excused, the second one maybe. But the rest?

Besides, a forest might be convenient. But so is any other place where you don’t see any people. Go to some abandoned construction site. Or film it in a backyard. A grassy field, which would at least have a connection to “Street Fighter Alpha 2”.
But it’s always the fucking forest. And it’s never anything else but the actual battle.
Oh great, you can choreograph a fight. Still no indication that you would be able to create a decent plot.
Look at those videos and tell me that they’re not all the same.