Question about Super and UC2 of Dudley



I try to do basic combo in training mode, after I do a LP jet upper, then I input UC2 but rocket upper come out. All three punch buttons was pushed at the same time (I see the input display), what’s wrong with my input? thanks<br><br>After being knockdown by Ken, Ken use <span class=“st”><span class=“f”></span><em>EX</em> Aerial Hurricane Kick crossup on my wake up, if I don’t have time or reaction to do jet upper or or c.HP or crosscounter.<br> Should I Stand guard or couch guard or meshing c.lp can make my hurtbox smaller and hit Ken on the contrast? what should I do? After I guard the  </span><span class=“st”><span class=“st”><em>EX</em> Aerial Hurricane Kick</span>, Ken still have the frame advantage?<br><br>Thanks<br></span>


it’s a really small window that you have. try to buffer the ultra quarter circle motions while youre in the air and hit all three buttons shortly after you’ve touched the ground.


Make sure you don’t have U1 instead of U2.

I used to do it all the time.