Question about Super Dual Box pro

Getting a new stick and getting a new converter so I can use it on the PC.

I have a Ps2->USB converter but it doesn’t work very well with sticks. In particular I find it very hard to do super motions and other motions in 3rd Strike when I use that converter (but without it I can do them without thinking).

That’s what I’m looking into. I’ve heard the single one (Super Joybox 3 Pro) works laglessly with lots of PCBs. I’d like to get the Dual one if it’s just as good, but is it just as good? The one I currently use is a dual one and looks just like this one except it’s red. Does anyone have this/know if it will lag compared to the Super Joybox 3 Pro?


I have one and its working perfectly for me. I think it’s the 4 player one that has problems.

You might want to post this in the Converter thread.