Question about swords teleport 50/50 mixup



I always thought that if you activated swords and either teleported behind or in front of your opponent it was a 50/50, But last night on the Big Two stream i believe i heard noel brown say that if you held down back you block it no matter what. Is this true?


yeah just keep blocking and after he teleports then switch your block to the correct side, you dont do it right away.

in fact if you switch your block and hold forward anticipating the behind teleport you’ll get hit


Really? Thank you, thats so crazy, is it because the swords show up before Vergil does?


i think they did it so it wouldn’t be a bullshit 50/50

except that the first time i had to deal with it i held forward so i got hit which is some bullshit!


When vergil is getting in it is a 50/50 but after that no matter if he teleports back or front because the swords are doing consecutive hits meaning you stay in hitstun and automatically change sides when blocking.


On that note, I wonder if you can wave dash back, break the true block string and teleport in for another 50/50 just before time runs out on swords.


Yeah, i sometimes do it when i use vergil, it is a great hyper, easily spiral swords is the best 1-bar hyper in the game, you get 2 times to do the mixup and it is almost free risk because they can’t attack you or thwy will get hit by the swords.


you guys are missing the point. when you teleport behind them while swords are active it doesnt hit them on the other side. it always hits on the same side whether you teleport in front or in back.


are you sure? but why not if you teleport behind them are not you switching sides so the opponent must block in the different position? well at least still got round trip if i am wrong.


im positive


It’s because of the way teleports work in Marvel (same reason that Dante’s million carats xxDevil Triggerxx->teleport didn’t cross up).

Your character is technically moving across the screen to the new location, not just appearing there (at least that’s how it was in vanilla), so the swords are hitting from the front before your character finishes crossing to the back of them. Then since the opponent is still in blockstun, the game auto guards for them until they leave blockstun.