Question about System Requirements

This is a quick one. Basically I got a new PC game and have two PC’s that can run it. Both PC’s meet the minimum requirements, but are different in the recommended requirements. One meets every recommended requirement but is short of CPU (Mhz). The other meets every recommended requirement but doesn’t have an equivalent video card. My question is, which computer is the game worth installing on for best performance? The one with lower CPU or the one with a lower video card? Thanks!

Well if you can handle a lower video performance but smoother gameplay go with the one with the lower video card. It may look better on the other one but with a CPU that’s not as high it may not have the best FPS when playing at the detail the better card can provide.

Throw the good video card into the other computz0r. no?

Good point, but it’s a laptop.

Thanks for the tips, Sazae.