Question about T5 pcb

I’m getting a T5 later that I’m gonna swap out for sanwas and such. My question is how dependable is that pcb in the joystick? Would it be better to use the same pcb for the buttons or just swap it out for a ps1 pcb? I’m gonna have both btw so I would like to know which one will last longer and is preferred, any help would be appreciated, it’s gonna be used for ps2,360 via adapter, and pc probably.

I’m stunned you’d want to get rid of the T5 PCB and replace it with a PS1 PCB.

UNLESS you’re planning to use the stick with a PS1, keep the original PCB! It’s one of the better PS2 PCB’s out there.

It’s common ground and easier to use for dual mods if you decide to add 360 compatibility.

It is completely compatible with PS3 and PC with the right USB adapters (see Kyle’s converter thread).

The T5 PCB is very easy to work with and hard to f!@#$!# up. Very, very big and simpler to solder than most of the other PCB’s out there.

It’s Hori product and I’m sure some people have been using theirs for years and at tournaments, too.

Thanks a bunch. I’ve never had a T5 before nor do I know which are the better pcbs. Guess I’ll sell the ps1 pcb then. Thanks