Question about tall players and fightsticks

I’m a fairly tall person (6’3") and one thing I’ve noticed is that even with hundreds of hours with the same fight stick (slightly modifed madcatz TvC stick) I can’t seem to find any comfortable position for holding the lever. The main problem is that it feels… well… short.

I was wondering if any fellow tall players had these problems, if they had suggestions or if there was like an easy way to extend the height of the stick. (I don’t like bat tops I use a ball top I just wish that the stick was about half inch taller.

I’m not tall (5’9") and I too feel like my fingers are really cramped between the balltop and the case. I don’t think it’s a height issue as much as a big hands issue. Focus Attack sells a hollow extended shaft that is used for light up balltops but also increases the height by 2cm(.79 inches) you can pick one up here:

shadoloo also sells shaft extensions:

Seriously though, thanks.

I keep thinking that the gap between the buttons and the stick should be much larger than it is on standard sticks. I have a friend who’s a good bit taller than you that does just fine on TE sticks though, so <shrug>

Your height shouldn’t have anything to do with the height of the stick (this coming from someone who’s 6’0 - 6’1). That said, if it’s not a hand size issue, it could simply be that you need to adjust the height of where you set your stick.

Height and handsize are generally related. I’m pretty certain Shaq has bigger hands than Snooki. My issue isn’t the space where I put the stick, my arms are perfectly comfortable.

But 6’3 shouldn’t really require a taller stick, depending on how you hold it.

well. Scuse me for being a big handed freak of nature. :stuck_out_tongue:

Having big hands is the reason I prefer bat tops.

Yeah I feel the same way. I have big ass hands too. I had to buy a jumbo sized mug just because an average sized one is too awkward to hold. Not resting my hand or wrist on the panel and using only my thumb, index and middle fingers seems to help.

This. Helps me avoid teh arthritis. I still get questions about why I use a bat top and that extra bit of height is pretty much why.