Question about TE Fightstick

I just recently bought mine a couple of days ago, and I already have a problem with it.
It’s not the usual ‘buttons are getting stuck’ thing,
actually, all the buttons are working well, except that,
when I choose “Custom Config” on the button config screen,
it doesn’t work.

Ok, here’s the layout for the TE stick:

(X) (Y) (RB) (LB)
(A) (B) (RT) (LT)

When I choose “Custom Config”, buttons X, Y, RB and LB are working, but the others (A, B, RT and LT) aren’t. It’s working fine though if I choose Types A, B or C.
Buttons “A” and “B” are sure to be working fine since A is used for selecting and B for going back, but in-game, during fights, it just doesn’t work.

Anyone have the same problem?
Any fixes?
Help :frowning:

hi mirai

Hey there! :razz:


Change from controller to arcade stick in settings


Uhm, both Controller and Arcade aren’t working for Custom Config.

I wouldn’t be asking for help if it was that simple. >< lol :china: