Question about Tech-Roll

The Questition is because of the following situation:

If I do a HP-Throw with Iron Man against an opponent in the corner I can LK, HK into infinte even if Safe fall is on.

Would I also be able to do LK, HK into infinte if the opponent would do a tech roll, instead of the “normal-roll”. I mean this tech-roll, which you can only do if an oppentent throws you and u didn’t managed it to tech the throw directly.

I hope u understood what I mean.

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I think you mean “Tech Hit.” And I think yes, you still would be able to do that combo because the LK hits your opponent before he actually reaches the ground.

‘Tech Hit’ is when you break a throw. The OP was pretty clear that this ISN’T what he meant.

OP, try it in training mode. You can set the opponent to always roll, but I forget what the name is (‘quick recover’? I dunno).

I’m talking about the tech hit after you get thrown but just as you hit the ground, you can tech hit. I think that’s what he meant when he said “not the normal roll.”

i’m sure this is a dead subject by now, but yea jasonC is correct if you tech as u hit the ground your guy will flip back onto his feet.

But, isnt it possible…to interrupt the opponent’s tech’n, and follow up with a combo? I believe theyre invincible while in the state of tech’n, but some techs are slower, which seems to allow a rushing or whatev, to break through the action of the tech.
Im not talking about after they tech, of course you can hit them (kinda like with Guilty Gear, when you tech out of a attack, but it ironically makes you more vulnerable to another attack). Actually, that was kinda what I was hinting at. But, think of it when theyre in the process of tech’n.
To kinda explain it further: Lets say youre facing from the left, and Im on the right. Youre deep in the corner, and Im almost right there as well. I grab you, and throw you further into the corner. You tech out, but while you were in the process of being thrown, I dash in. When youre in the motion of tech’n, I think its possible to break through the tech’n action of your opponent. Im not sure, and I havent heard people talk about this.

Do you know if its possible or not?

I believe they can block immediately.

BUT, when you tech a throw, you are in normal jump.

This was actually in the throw mechanics thread that was just posted. It means that you can guardbreak them after they tech your throw.

e.g. Cable AC to hk airthrow… if they tech, Cable actually gets falling j.hp, \ /, AHVB…

In Corner, a teched Mag throw leads to / , lk,hk, ad d/f, d+lk<mk option select guardbreak to ROM or whatever corner combo you want.

So in a way you can get guaranteed hits, but not because you can just combo into it easily as far as I’ve ever seen. These techniques or the most useful with Magneto since it effectively turns a “failed reset” into a new combo. Cable’s is less useful because they can take less damage by just taking the airthrow. Magneto’s resets a combo whether they ate the throw or teched it (corner only, usually).

On my team, IM with Dhalsim AAA assist in corner will go to infinite with approximately the same timing whether they tech or take the throw. On throw, assist hits and IM picks up for infinite. On tech the assist is blocked and IM guard breaks with the pick up for infinite.

Sent in unfly can hp,xx,unfly, GB faling,hp, \ /, sim hits, dash,, / , … on my team. hp combos into unfly falling lk,hp on hit and with the right timing also guardbreaks when the initial hit is blocked. If they pushblock, Dhalsim still often hits as they fall onto him (no more block since they’re in normal jump!) =)

So you can in certain cases get fun, guaranteed stuff when they tech your throw. The concept was initially presented in “Advanced Tactics” by ShadyK and some others some years back, IIRC. It was the same video that first really introduced pushblocking for sake of guard cancelling (instant action once pushblock timer has recovered, allowing you to punish strings and patterns normally unpunishable on block).

Yeah, I forgot about that all. Ive seen vids of Magneto grabbing the opponent, they tech out, and he quickly grabs them again. So, yeah its possible to grab or hit them out of the tech action. Mainly grab, since its easier coming in with grab, than performing a move. Thanks anyway…