Question about techflex for cable management

To anyone who has used techflex in a stick mod before, what size is best to use for cable managment, and how did you cut it since everywhere that I’ve looked says scissors won’t work very well.

I use scissors, but singe the cut ends with a lighter. This prevents fraying. I also put on heat shrink tubing on the ends before putting on wires and then when the wires are in I use a hair dryer to shrink the heat shrink tubes. Lighter works too, but will scorch colored heat shrink tubing.

Scissors work fine for me. When I’m using techflex brand, I typically just use the singe to hold the end of the sleeve together rather than put heat shrink. Diameter really depends on what size cable you’re using, look you’re going for, and how many cables you’re going to put in each bundle.

Okay, I’m thinking I’m going to go with 3/8" for size, I just didn’t want to buy it and cut it with scissors and have a ton of fraying. I want to get white techflex, so I’ll get heat shrink too in case it blackens the ends when I try to singe them. Thank you for your help! :tup: