Question about the air-fireball crossup

what is the deal wit this thing???
i can do the the quick-airfireball, but witch version fireball (lp, mp, or hp) should i do???
and when i get behind them what is the BnB i do???
and lastly, when should you set this whole thing up???

thanx in advance

hmnn… i haven’t used akuma in a while but…
u should use the fast one. when u get behind them do either x 2, short hurrican kick, df+lp. or c.hp, hurricane kick, df+lf. I usually do this as they wake up, because people have a tendency to down block and so it will get them more. heh, sorry for bein so blunt, akuma is one of my main peeps, but i’ve been messin around with other characters and haven’t played akuma in a long while.

Can someone help me out with this one?

If I try this, im landing in front of him together with my fireball or behind him together with my fireball. Im doing something wrong, is there some sort of trick for it?

Thanks in advance

I think that’s becuase you’re using the Low-jump Grooves… like K. because you can’t perform the air fireball while in Low-jump.

No thats not it.

I think it has something to do with the quick-airfireball (the muffin man names it), so how do I do this quick-airfireball? Or mayby its the distance I really dont know.

I tryd like everything but nothing seems to work.

wussup all

When u air fireball you have to tiger knee the motion (d,d/f,f,u/f+p). this is so the fireball comes out at the beginning of the jump. This is so that initially the fireball hits them from the front, while you cross them up and combo. in other words the fireball hits them from the front and you end up on the other side.

I personally use the jab version of the fireball, but i think pokesYOU has a lil more akuma experience under his belt and i havent really experimented with the strong version. The fierce version normally is too fast and they recover before you can combo them.

the actual combo you should use when u land depends on if they block the fireball.
if they do block the fireball: land c.lp, c.hp, hp fireball.
if they dont…: land c.lp, c.hp, mk hurricane, hp dragon punch.

you need to wait for the fireball because if it hits, the fireball will cause them to stand up, allowing the hurricane to hit. If you simply do the hurricane while theyre still crouching, its NOT safe and ull get uppercutted or supered against anyone who knows what they’re doing.

Thanks alot man, I was able to do it right away. I should have known it was someting simple like this.

Thanks again :tup:

Does anyone have any tips for doing this in K-groove? I can do it in C/A but I only pull it off like 20% of the time in K.

hit the punch a little later since it takes more frames to jump in K-groove then in C/A-groove.