Question about the Cvs2 playtesters scandal

I wasn’t really paying attention when it was mentioned here (if ever), but is it true that the playtesters for cvs2 purposefully didn’t inform Capcom of the roll-cancel glitch just so they could use it as a secret weapon against their opponents in an upcoming tourney? If true, what actions were taken on Capcom’s part when their omission was discovered?

Capcom didn’t care when Bas reported Bison CC bug to them. One of the beta testers did discover RC and held onto that secret until EVO. I forget who it was, but it was a Boxer player.


Yeah… not quite.

The part about Bison CC is true (except the part about it being a glitch… it’s just a normal combo, fully allowed by the intended A-Groove system).

RC wasn’t discovered in play testing. I believe it was some random boxer player that figured it out, and showed everyone at the first Japanese nationals (the one Nuki won).

I heard a rumor that CvS2 had Ex-specials for P-groove but removed them after Bas felt that it made P-groove too powerful?

Anybody know anything about this?

Yeah, I also heard the prototypes had EX moves for P-groove. I wonder if anybody has one of these?

I’d just like to see a video of it.

Never heard about EX specials in P-Groove… that would have been hella sweet.

Whats the deal with sak a-groove? why is her Srk the only 1 able to repeat over and over but every1 else Srk whiff after a couple hits? :confused:

lol “Scandal”? Hilarious. Evil playtesters, developer conspiracies; c’mon people. Not saying its not true, but still… lol.

She doesn’t leave the ground as quick as the other characters because she does the little run up first.

Little known fact: Marvel play testers found the AHVB a few days into testing and even informed the peeps in charge.

Needless to say they did approximately dick.

All I know is Spider-Dan was owning everyone with Shuma Gorath… regardless of other people using AHVB. Probably the reason why Capcom toned down Shuma and left Cable alone.

Are there ANY videos from the tests of either Marvel or CvS2?

Not true, people would have started using that shit much sooner in tournys if they would have known about it.

when did people start using it? i think people would have easily discovered that one quick. i remember when i first started playing mvc2, i discovered that cable could do two consecutive AHVBs with regular jump. when my friend showed me how to actually use the ahvb i felt stupid…

people didn’t use ahvbz in tournys until a long time after mvc2 came out.

There was a thread like this a while back. I remember a post saying that RC was in CVS1 but rolls didn’t have invincibility in that game so it didn’t matter.

Duc Do found AHVB three days after MVC2 came out/played it for the first time.

ok vids please of earliest seen footage of ahvb.

im pretty sure duc won (edit: might have come second) the first SHGL tourney using cable/OR/gief, using mech gief lariat assist to set up AHVB

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