Question about the emulators and kaillera used for the games now

I wanted to get back into the kaillera gaming scene for a bit, and I’ve read that this emulator is the one everyone uses now for 3s. I just installed it, but I’m new to this emulator so how do I get the kaillera to search correctly where it finds servers/games like it did on the mame emulator? Oh and what’s the newest mame everyone uses for games like sfa3 etc? Yea, I’m so out of date and have no idea what’s going on with the emulators these days, so I need all of the info I can get to get me updated.

Thank You


nfba feb 23 w/kaillera dll feb 11

It’s not like Mame where you have a lobby with games. It’s better to get on the irc channel #srkkaillera and set up a game with somebody than to mess around with the waiting games.

The current most popular emulator for 3s is MAME .117 july 12th edition where you can get it on NFBA is starting to gain popularity but by far, the one thats most used is definitely the MAME. I don’t see a differenece in gameplay except choppy sound in NFBA but some people say NFBA uses less CPU memory so I have no problem playing them with NFBA as long as they don’t have to tell me to download a new fucking update of NFBA everytime we play. Seriously, I got like 3 versions of NFBA for 3 different people. haha

Yo B, We Should try this stuff out!

Yea, I’m gonna get into it when I get the chance. Things have changed…