Question about the Hrap ex-se

Just got this stick today, im really liking it so far except for one small thing. It feels like there are little nubs at each corner of the square gate, compared to my hori ex2 which feel like perfect 90 degree corners.

Is this normal with these sticks? If so, do you owners of this stick like this, and get used to it easily?

It just feels kind of awkward when doing basic quarter circle/half circle/etc moves, and it has me contemplating changing out the stick for something else, though i really wouldnt know what…

The LS-32 has a sub guide on the bottom of the stick that’s not needed. Take off the dark blue guide and you’ll be left with the regular square gate only. (you’ll need to open up the stick to do this).

Jdm will be along shortly to repeat this.

What Chad said. jdm to be posting graphic illustrating this in 3…2…1…

Ahhhhh ya, just got that dark blue piece off, and feels much more natural now.:woot:

Thanks a lot.

Another question though, wheres the best place to get custom art for the top of the case for this stick? I didn’t realize how glossy and finger print attractive it is when i ordered it.

Sorry for the late.
I was school.

Remove Dark Blue.

Get get Art Print and Acrylic Panel from arthong.

Make your own art and sent to arthong.
Or ask SRK to make art for you.
But do not make Thread here.

Just another weird thing i’ve noticed yesterday, kind of hard to explain but…when pushing the stick to any of the sides, and then with a little more force, the whole stick feels like its pulling up(well, it actually is pulling up). Its really not a significant amount of force to cause it to pull up, and i’d imagine its a typical amount of force that a lot of people have when in the heat of a battle. And in general it can be quite annoying and constantly noticeable, and i just cant imagine this being how it is supposed to be.

So i took off the light blue square gate restrictor, and now using it with no restrictor(just the metal circle gate now), but it doesnt pull up any more when pushing to any side with reasonable/hard force. Quite frankly i actually kind of like the circle gate, but would still prefer square and i couldnt really think of any quick macgyver fix to prevent it from pulling up when its on.

Is this normal? Is my stick malfunctioned? Any input will be much appreciated.

The LS-32 does that, which annoy a lot of people. It’s normal but there is a guide that solved this by installing LS-40 parts.

Well i guess its good to hear that my stick is not some how busted…but could you or anyone else direct me to this guide with LS-40 parts?

It’s called a LS-36 mod since it’s a hybrid of the LS-32 & LS-40.