Question about the HRAP1

I have an HRAP1 and am looking to replace the parts, with sanwa buttons and a Seimitsu stick. Unfortunately, I’ve heard that seimitsu sticks don’t fit in the newer HRAP1 models because of some problem with the plastic plate. I’m attempting to convince someone who has an older (metal top) HRAP1 to swap plates with me, but if he decides against it, is there any way to modify the existing plastic plate so as to allow a Seimitsu stick to work? How would one go about doing so?

(I looked through the forum for similar questions and couldn’t find one. If this has already been answered, I apologize, and only ask that you direct me to the thread where I can find what I’m looking for.)

Hey, I’m going to find this out tonight or tomorrow when I try it on my friend’s HRAP 1. I’ll let you know what’s going down then.

If it’s the mirror top HRAP1, it will fit a Seimitsu LS32-01.
If it’s the top with the “grating” pattern similar to that of the HRAP2, only a Sanwa JLF will fit onto it. You can’t really modify the plate because it’s metal, unless you know what you’re doing and have done metal work before. The mounting plate is metal, and not plastic for both versions of the HRAP1, just so you know.

I actually have a HRAP1vA panel which I’d rather replace with a HRAP1vB, since my plan is to remove the mounting bracket entirely in order to fit a Korean Fanta joystick it’d nearly feel like a waste to destroy a Seimitsu capable panel…! :lol:

Seimitsu LS-55-01 will also fit perfectly.

If the trade with my friend doesn’t go through, would you mind trading with me somehow?