Question about the HRAP3

I just got it in the mail. On the metal face, there’s like this film that peels off. It’s actually peeling off around a couple edges for some reason. Am I supposed to remove it?

Oh, one other question. I want to put some sanwa buttons in there. Lizardlick has white Sanwa 30s that I want (out of stock though), so I’ll just wait til their back in stick. But I want all black 24s, and it doesnt even appear that Sanwa makes them. What are my options?

Probably not, but it’s not like you’ll short anything if you do.

Put some laminated art on there & all your worries will be gone.

As for black buttons, Seimitsu make all-black and black ring/coloured plunger buttons. Go with them.

isn’t getting full black Sanwa OBSFs?

the HRAP3 top-plate laminate is garbage. i had the same question as the OP when i got mine… but no, there is no removable protective film. its just cheap.

Did you remove it?

I have to say it was not wise to wait til I got the stick to order the buttons. With SF4 coming out next week, Lizardlicks stock seems depleted, and if I order from that Japanese shop, I wont see the buttons til late next week.

Yes. They’re available for pre-order right now so I assume that they’ll be a limited run.

Ive got another question. The cable on the HRAP3 isnt long enough. I need to extention cable. The cable on the stick is about 10 feet. If I purchase a 6 foot extender, I wont need a USB repeater correct? I just want to make sure Im not going to get any lag.

There is like a clear film on top of the carbon fiber art. Mine was bubbling at the edges so I removed it and left the carbon art on there. It makes it not as glossy as it was before. Removing it was a pain in the ass though. Had to take it all apart (after doing it once already to swap in new buttons) and use my finger nails to get it going before I could peel sections off. I must say I do prefer the non-glossy look though!

i imagine though, that the clear film is there to protect the paper-based carbon fiber art. the oils from your hands, etc, will eventually wear the exposed surface. i left the layer on mine… however one of these days i fully intend to replace it with something custom.

You’re probably right. When that wears, I’ll replace it. :slight_smile: