Question about the Mad Catz SE defect

I apologize if this thread has been done before. The fiasco with the Mad Catz SE and the defective pads and such, has that issue been fixed? The problem was reported a couple months back so is it now safe to purchase one? If the problem is still appearing in their later units then what other alternatives (preferably under $75) are there? Thank you for your time.

i’m pretty sure they still do since people with R2 TE’s are having similar problems. best bet is to wait a little longer for the SSF4 TE’s which have a different pcb.

apparently they’re on the market!

I think he’s referring to the washer problem with the SE’s stick. AFAIK, they never released a new run of SEs although those made later apparently went through stricter QA. Still, it’s a risk you’ll have to consider.

How do you know if you have the problem before it does any damage? Just open it and see if the washer is loose?