Question about the madcatz stick


For people that have used both, which is better, the original SF4 TE, or the SSF4 TE?

The edges of the SSF4 look to me like they might be an issue in the arm, but I cant rly tell.


sf4 te, I like the bezel.

Either way, if you plan to buy a plexi and add artwork and remove buttons or whatever, you can remove the bezel and get a full size plexi and it will be the same as the ssf4 te, well with the wings on the sides.


SF4 TE and for the same reason, the bezel.

But its all about preference .


Are you guys just saying you like the look of the bezel more, or is there its a usability issue, meaning does it feel better?


For the looks, that’s pretty much why people buy a TE lol. Or everyone would just buy a hori, hands down more reliable and better build quality in general


I own both and I like the feel of the original TE personally, they both obviously play the same but I like having more room, so I’d go with the SF4 TE


What do you mean by more room, is the super version actually smaller?


he means more room because it also has the side panels. You don’t actually touch those panels when playing, but it’s nice to have a larger surface area regardless. I love my TE. I actually stopped using my custom which took me months to build in favour of my TE.


Gotcha, okay ill probably go with the original then.