Question About the Old Anniversary ST Versions


Before I started playing HD Remix, there was a period of down-time where I just stopped playing Street Fighter II altogether. This whole time, I kept on thinking that Super Turbo was the very last version of the SFII series to ever come out, but after doing a bit of reading on the history of SF (Trying to get myself psyched for SFIV) I found out that there was apparently a new Japanese Super Turbo called “Hyper Street Fighter II” which came out like in 2000-something?

I watched a few gameplay videos of it and one of the differences I noticed compared to the ST on GGPO was that you could choose every single version of each character from all the SF iterations right off the character select screen without having to enter the code for the “Old Version”. The sound seemed a little different too.

The cover of the game looks very similar to the American SF Anniversary Collection that came out several years ago, so I was curious as to whether or not the ST in the American Anniversary Collection is the ordinary ST or the Hyper Street Fighter II version. Any clarification would be good. Thanks!

Sorry if this sounded long-winded but I literally just found this out… :sweat:


SF Anniversary Collection has Hyper Street Fighter 2, not ST.


Vega’s walldive in the NA version has a messed up command for it.


Wow awesome. I think I might want to pick that game up some time in the future then.


No, it’s worthless. There’s mad input lag (at least 4 frames more than the DC version of ST if I recall correctly), messed up priorities for a lot of moves, a lot of broken miscellaneous nonsense with characters…seriously, I can’t believe they even used it at Evo ever. More broken than a hooker’s self-esteem.

The only good part of AE is 3rd Strike.


Actually, you’re thinking of Capcom Classics Collection 2 for PS2. See the video “Testing CCC2 For Input Lag” over at


Yes, actually the other reason why I’m thinking about getting it is because of SFIII. It’s the only “numbered” SF title (With the exception of SFIV which I’ll be getting next week XD and excluding SF1) that I don’t have yet. The ST part of it is just something that’s “nice to have” but it isn’t the most important thing since I have HD Remix anyway


You’re right! Damn me. Though I don’t think I was far off about the priority mishaps. Forgot all about CCC2. There is no DC version of AE lolol.


I’ll give AE this much though, ridiculous as it was, it was fun as hell! Seeing how characters from different games matched up was very cool. HF Blanka is dangerous.


The full title was “Hyper Street Fighter II: Anniversary Edition.” I think Japanese players tend to call it HSF2 and American players tend to call it AE but both names are completely interchangeable. Its original form was as an arcade release in Japan; Wikipedia says that was in December 2003. It never had an official arcade release in North America, but most of the major fighting game arcades did import it. I don’t know if the rest of the world saw a proper arcade release of it or not. I thiiink it runs on the CPS2 board but I’m not so sure anymore.

It was created basically as an “everything thrown together” novelty though, so everything expected for a novelty version applies; it was neat and kinda fun at first, but in terms of serious play the character balance was inevitably (way) worse than ST (or HF).

A few other things to note, off the top of my head:

  • Even if you only pick ST characters, it is not considered a good port of ST; New characters cannot tech when thrown by Old characters, and some Old characters were slightly tweaked. Or maybe it was just O.Sagat who was tweaked. I can’t remember. (Note that ST Old characters are different from SSF2 characters.)

  • Apparently the engine skips frames a little differently than both the CPS1 and the (other) CPS2 SF2’s, so it “feels” a little different than any other edition of SF2 before it. That could be incorrect but I’ve heard in a few places now.

  • True to the original, both players cannot pick the same WW character. Yep, even in this deluxe compilation anthology dream game, they deliberately preserved the old restriction so you still can’t mirror match them!

  • As NKI mentioned, neither the PS2 or Xbox port of AE had any input lag. However, as Tetsuosan mentioned, ST Vega’s walldive command is bugged in both ports: it’s charge down, kick, up instead of the proper input. There was a re-release of the game for Japan/Asia region PS2 that fixed this: it is known as the “CapKore” version.

I’ve already typed way too much, haha. The SRK wiki has a page for the game here if you’re still interested. Yes, it includes a tier list.


Thanks for the link! The info. helped a lot. I never thought I’d see a tier list in a Street Fighter game stretch for THAT long. “SSS”? (@_@) On an SF2 title no less. Wow…