question about the pc version

hello im a very new player to fighting games and i absolutly love SSF AE actualy i liked it since i saw the anime and since i draw, the style of capcom SF attracted me and i finaly got in to the actual game, great fun xD.
now i am playing for about a week now and cant do pretty much nothing but normals and 2x jabs and 50% success rate on specials (lol…)
so i was thinking it obviously requares training and stuff but i am curiouse about a few things.

  1. are the consul versions and the pc version operating the same way… or… is it physicly possible to preform all that is possible in the game with both versions? (with the aid of an arcade stick ofc ^^)
  2. what do you guys think about the use of keyboard Vs. arcade stick . well… the stick is obviously alot better in the longrun BUT is it physicly possible to do the same stuff on the keyboard or are there limitations?

thanks in advance :smiley: i have alot to learn but it will be realy awsome to have this cleared out first :o

I have all three, PC, Xbox, PS3, If your computer is beefy they will play the same. As far as stick vs keyboard, learn both. Keyboard is awesome if u are out and about with your laptop and have a few minutes to play, but after a while you will want to play real people in real life, and having a stick will be nice. If your computer isn’t beefy enough to run SSF4, you can get a Used xbox and a new copy of SSF4 AE for around $100.00

i see so considering i run at 60fps 100% of the time a pc version is fully operatable correct?
and what about the actual gameplay differences have u been playing with keyboard too? what can u tell me about their differences, never actualy tauched an arcade stick before, other then the ones at the mall at a very young age >,> havnt been there in ages tho :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as your computer can handle it. I grew up playing in arcades, so the stick is easier for me than a keyboard. Look up videos for a type of controller called a “Hitbox” the idea is the same. As far as what is better, that is up to you and how you respond to each.

wow :OOO that hitbox is awsome :smiley: it looks fun and the best part is… i can pretty much do it in my keyboard xD
thanks im gonna make my space as jump lol gonna see how that works out… im not use to the game anyway… or any other fighting game for that matter so i wonder if i should get use to it this way… looks like it makes sense then having it WASD instade of 3 fingers on 4 buttons u get 4 fingers on 4 buttons :o

I’d get a hitbox too, problem is I use right hand for directions and left for attack buttons . Being playing PC games long before the WASD was established. So unless they make a right handed hitbox I’ll use the keyboard

Laptop keyboards are actually the worst choice, since they do not support simultaneous buttons presses, except maybe Alienware laptops. I have one and it supports only 2 simultaneous button presses. Some moves may be faster than a desktop keyboard, since laptop buttons are thinner and have therefore lower response time. But you feel very limited with more advanced moves (eg FADC). I tried to play Vampire Savior with a laptop keyboard and HCF supers with two punches/kicks are impossible. Desktop keyboard works better for that game.

I’d say for the PC version best thing would be to use a combination of both keyboard and stick. Some characters play better with keyboard, others with stick (eg charge characters and grapplers).

well in my case im currently entering my second week of SSF4 AE so it wasnt that bad of a task to adjust to buttons execly the way they put it on the hitbox, so yes i’m still using my keyboard, i had research on my good ol’ microsoft keyboard and its abilitys alot before, the button reaction are less then milseconds (unless the plastic itself get fuked) and i can press up to 3 buttons simulationtly so when i add a forth one it will do this bip sound and wont react.
im getting kinda good with my makoto so far with the keyboard :slight_smile: i also started up as arrows and keys wich means right hand directions and left hits,
right now its : ASD,space(for jump) and " IOP{ “-” lk;’ " these are the buttons im using, working good so far ^^ i have to say… space as jump instade of W is genious… makes all my left hand work.

PS. hmm… i just might buy a stick… but not right now >.< im broke and i still want an original copy of SSF4 AE

In my case I have a Logitech G500 so I can press up to 6 buttons. Strange thing is, some moves like HCF or HCB perform much better on the laptop keyboard, probably due to the faster timing between buttons. Unfortunately I have to use a shortcut for 3 buttons. I wish I had the flexibility of the laptop keyboard with the input support of the desktop keyboard.
Probably a good mechanical keyboard would be the best solution.