Question About The Safe Jump

Which characters can you safe jump in against? can you do it against EVERY character? Even Sagat’s late upper cut?

What about old characters? I know Ken and Ryu’s uppercut is 100% invincible in their old forms, does that matter? can you still safe jump in against them?

Does anyone know if the safe jump works for Hyper Fighting as well?

Everyone but Blanka, both balls hit on the very first frame (no homo).
Anyone hitconfirms safe jumpins? i.e. block if they reversal, combo if they get hit. I know I can’t do it.

You can do it against Ryu, Honda, Chun, Guile, Sim, Hawk, Cammy, Fei, DeeJay, Boxer, Claw, Sagat, and Dictator. Ken, Blanka, and Akuma all have moves that hit on the first frame. Gief’s lariat “hits” on the first frame but it doesn’t beat safe jumps, you just land right through the lariat and block it.

It worked in HF too, but I don’t remember off the top of my head which characters it worked on.

Forgot about the second question there. You don’t really have to hit confirm safe jumps. When I do a safe jump with Gief I always do (safe jump) while holding down+back, down+back+jab (or whatever button); if the dude blocked, crouching jab comes out, and if he reversaled, I block. It’s a nice little option-select, and it lets the game decide for you whether you just block a reversal and command grab/whatever or do a tick string into a command grab. As for if the opponent gets hit, I don’t know, it’s pretty hard to combo on reaction to one hit in ST, I never really do it.

If I understand what is being said here correctly Akuma’s dp is instant like Ken’s fierce dp, but T.Akiba’s data states it is in the region of 4 frames, so you should be able to safe jump on him like Ryu, right? Unless his hurricane kick which is instant is the move being used to counter the safe jump,but I always thought that the hurricane kick had no invincibility and would therefore be useless against a safe jump, hey it isn’t exactly a Blanka ball which would at least trade. Please correct if I’m wrong on any of these assumptions. At the very least this info would make it easier for peeps to mash in the heads of Akuma scrubs, hehe. On a related note, anyone feel like posting up their safe jump setups, or what buttons they use for it? Me, I prefer safe jumping with short or forward playing Rog versus Ryu or Honda.

All of Akuma’s DPs have one frame of startup so technically I guess you can safe jump against it… his forward/RH hurricane both have one frame startup too but I dunno if you can safe jump that cos I think he’s airborne from frame one

Quick question: if someone does a safe jump against you and you perform a reversal throw instead of a reversal uppercut do you throw him or…?

you cant throw the opponent when they’re in the air…:confused:

Safe jump works in CE/HF as well, yes.

MOST safe jumps are about the same timing. It is always character specific, but the easiest way to do it is by timing your jump in relation to the second bounce. Just watch some Japanese or Korean vids and most players time is fairly well.

However, SAGAT gets up really really fast. So many people still don’t even know this little bit of knowledge and it’ll save you a lot of grief. You need to learn a different, much earlier timing against Sagat. Try at your own risk! :bgrin: