Question about the SE

My SE has that problem where it stops registering up-right and up-left. I have already glued down the bolt but it seems I was too late.

I read somewhere that the problem can be fixed with only a graphite pencil and a bit of time. Does any one know how to accomplish this? I’ve searched around but can’t find it any where.

Also: I have developed a very easy way to remove/place an octogate on the SE joystick. If anyone is interested let me know.

se stock stick? myst be the washer problem, retrace the broken connection with a pencil(from wht i hv heard)

just buy a new sanwa stick :stuck_out_tongue:

try replacing the usb disconnect with one from a MS Wired controller. This is usually works if something stops registering and unplugging it and plugging it back is needed to fix it.

but if its the pcb then you need to do the pencil thing or replace the pcb.

My problem is that my madcatz SE stick doesn’t register going to the right atleast 85% of the time…even if I’m on the right side fighting I can’t block 85% of the time. Now I just order the JFL-TP-8YT-SK Sanwa Stick but what I want to know(if it can be answer) is if when I replace the stock stick from my SE to the Sanwa stick will it fix the problem?

Yes, it should.


thanks for da help! Now my 2nd button at the top feels like its harder to press down but I know it has to do with being a wack ass factory made since I’m getting sanwa buttons anyway that should fix that problem…