Question about the Seimitsu sticks

Does each model have their own model number imprinted on the motherboard of the stick?

The reason i ask this is because i recently received my arcade stick that i have ordered for the first time(i ordered a Seimitsu LS-56-01), but as soon as i took off the square gate i see the model number
LS-33 on the motherboard. Does this mean i actually have a LS-33 instead of a LS-56?

Also the stick doesnt even feel that stiff either, or is the LS-56 just like that?

LS-33 is whats printed on the PCB of the LS-56-01, the LS-33 doesnt even use a PCB

Oh ic thanks for clearing that up.

I thought i received the wrong stick for a second!!

Both LS-55-01 and LS-56-01 use LS-33 pcb’s. Which is ironic as you can’t order LS-33-01 sticks.

A quick way to identify what stick you have is to look at the colour of the plastic enclosure. If it is black then you have an LS-56, blue then LS-55, yellow then LS-33.

As for stiffness, they don’t come much firmer than an LS-56.