Question about the "square" gate on my TE stick, this is weird

I was under the assumption that the square gate was supposed to be on it’s side, so it looks like what i’d call a simple diamond when seen form above. (i hope you know what i mean, i can describe in better detail what I mean if necessary[read microsoft paint]). Where the up,down,left,right are the corners of the gate.

On mine I’m pushing the stick along the gate, and it feels as if it’s lying on it’s side, where the corners are at the diagonals.

Was I mistaken or is my gate a little messed up? Is this easy to remedy by just opening it up and moving it a bit maybe, or should I just send it back to madcatz with a “gimme a properly installed gate muddafloodpuckers” post it note.

Just looking for some guidance as to where to go with this, as I havent read about anyone else having this problem.

You are mistaken.

there is nothing wrong with your stick friend, thats how the square gate is.

Your Sanwa GT-8F is installed correctly.
It is set currently on 8-Way.

If you have made it into Diamond, then it would be 4-Way.
Moving only UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT.
Can’t really play SFIV with 4-Way.

You might want to mod your stick with a Sanwa GT-Y.

It’s an octagon shaped gate with the corners on all 8 directions. Should be more comfortable than the default gate and be closer to your expectations while still being able to hit the diagonals.

Also … educate yourself on joystick restrictor gates. PLEASE read this:

No i dont just mean up,down left right, i guess I didnt explain it clearly or i’m just a bit slow. Last shot at describing it before I just believe you.

The one on the left is what it feels like, and I thought it was supposed to be like the one on the right (obviously you can still move diagonally, but it would be flat. not the corner). There, made myself clear. If i’m still mistaken then so be it, time to get used to this bad boy.

No, I’m still right.
If the Square rotated to become Diamond, then it would be 4-Way.

Try it yourself.
You will only be able to move LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN.

If look close at the stock Restrictor, you will see that it is made of two parts.
Outer Ring clips onto the Joystick, inner is the actual restricting part.

Rotating the Inner Ring clockwise will turn the 8-Way into 4-Way.

Do it by pushing the Inner Ring with pegs facing towards you, then turn.

Kk, thanks for clearing that up for me, sorry if it seemed kind of a stupid question first arcade stick, never really noticed anything the 2 times I’ve been to a real aracde. Now for BB/SF4 time.

with the 4-way, you won’t be able to hit the diagonals at all. Once the stick leaves a direction, it disengages before coming into contact with another. There’s no way to hit both.