Question about the stick on the HFS2


Hi all.

I was in a gaming shop the other day and found an HFS2. Jeremy (The guy working there) told me that someone had asked him to import it in but the person never picked it up so I thought I might as well get it because I wanted a stick.

Well I’ve read that the HFS2 isn’t all that great and I have to agree with that but it’s decent enough. The only thing I’m having problem with is the stick. It feels like there’s something weighing on it and sometimes the stick won’t go back to the center after I let it go or it makes doing certain motions like pressing forward that doing a hfc not smooth.

Is there something I could do to fix this besides the obvious getting a better stick? I’m thinking about opening it up to take a look but I don’t know how that will effect it so I want to ask before hand.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


I say just mod it with Sanwa/Seimitsu stick and pushbuttons. The stick and buttons on those aren’t exactly that great in the first place.