Question About The TE Turbo

Hello ,

my stick never worked and im tired to wait for madcatz wich gave me a rma number a month ago and thats it…

So i wanna try to repair it myself.

Can i open the Te from the front without removing the warranty sticker?

Can i unplug the turbo module ? I think this is the faulty part.

Thanks a lot

uhh, yeah, i’m pretty sure the warranty sticker is on the bottom isn’t it? but i don’t think that removing the turbo module is a good idea, because that’s where your xbox button is, and you probably also have to have the DP/LS/RS switch.

edit: if it’s ps3, i say give it a shot actually

just cut the red wire

thanks for the input , its a ps3 version , and when i received it after pressin the turbo button it stopped working…
i will try to open it , what torx size are the screws on top?

Any insight about the torx size ? So i can get my ass to the store and buy it


Umm the guy thats reviewing the te stick on the srk front page on the right.ffwd to the end more videos pop up he explains what size n errrr thang

They’re hex bolts. I use a Torx T-15 though, because my screwdriver set doesn’t include a small enough hex bit. It fits and works fine.

You called them and they gave you an RMA number and never sent a shipping slip or anything?

Yea exactly! I been calling them a bunch of time to see wtf was going on and they are really clueless , Id like to play SF4 someday with my stick , but no its been sitting in a box all packaged as they asked for over a month now , so screw it , Im gonna try to fix it myself .