Question about these Seimitsu buttons

I have the Madcatz SE Street Fighter IV arcade stick and I had bought sanwa buttons for it and they fit in just fine.
I want to buy these buttons here:
But I don’t know if I can just drop those in my stick just like I did with the Sanwa buttons.

Do I have to install them differently? I ask because I notice the sides of the buttons have stuff on the side. So yeah, are they just drop ins? or HOw do you install them into an SE.

They aren’t snap ins, so you will have to screw them into the panel with the provided nuts. However, they will fit the case, the only thing is that on the LK button, the mounting bracket for the joystick may get in the way of you screwing it down all the way. I did have one just screwed in as far as the bracket would let me and never had a problem with it budging, so just screw it in as far as possible.

Those are screw-in buttons. You screw them onto the panel instead of a snap-in action like what the OSBF-30 does. Be aware though that there might be some inconvenience installing PS-14KN on the hole closest to the mounting bracket. Instead of the usual “Insert button and screw in the nut from underneath,” you have to put the nut underneath first then screw in the button from the top.

Oh, I see. Thanks a lot!