Question about this Hori fighting stick 2

That’s the link, I was wondering how the stick is in terms of performance and does it use a square gate? as well as has anyone had any problems with it? I’m just asking because it seems 30 bucks cheaper than the new t5 stick from hori or even the HRAP and was wondering why is it that much cheaper. The only difference I see is that the board looks smaller than the HRAP and t5 stick.

If you’re looking for a cheaper stick and you don’t care about sanwa parts, then you basically can’t go wrong with any hori, they are all great.

If you’re looking for something “on the next level”, then go for an HRAP or an HRAP SA.

Theres nothing wrong with this stick if you don’t care though

I’m a bit lost what parts aren’t sanwa. The buttons and stick look like the ones on the hrap, but um what do you mean by “on the next level”? Thanks for the info btw.

Nothing in that stick to my knowledge is made by Sanwa (someone correct me if i’m wrong) but that doesn’t mean its crap. If you don’t attend tournies or play “seriously” then a regular hori such as this one is perfectly fine for you.

People that play a little more seriously tend to buy more expensive sticks. These sticks contain better parts…happ, Sanwa, Seimitsu, etc etc. Sticks on this level would be HRAP Special Additon, MAS sticks, or Self-Built Customs.

Also, don’t forget that buying a “cheaper” stick doesn’t mean that you can’t buy an better one in the future or even mod it yourself later on.

Good Luck :karate:

Lol, I try to play seriously but still learning at the moment. Join tournies here and there to occupy the last place everytime lol.

But if it feels the same way as a regular sanwa then it doesn’t matter to me, as long as the buttons aren’t harder to press or anything and as long as it last for a long time.

Might just get this one over the Hrap, 30 bucks is a lot for me at the moment. Then again I could just wait and get more money later and buy the other ones. Wouldn’t mind customs but they seem to cost a lot more, which makes sense but I’m not willing to pay that high yet.

Thanks for all the help.

I would recommend you to wait and save up that $30, you’ll regret it. What are you gonna do with this FS2 when you get a HRAP later on? I’ve used a FS2 before, the stick is smaller than an actualy Sanwa if I remember correctly, and the buttons are very sticky.

True… um… whats the diff between the hrap and the special edition ?

Maybe the button issue was just with the particular stick that you were using. I’ve used a FS2 quite a bit before and I’ve never had problems with the buttons sticking on that one.

regular hrap has a sanwa jlf stick and hori buttons (green)

Hrap Special Addition is 100% sanwa (red)

Hrap Special Edition is Seimitsu (blue)

thanks for all the help and sorry for bothering everyone. where can i purchase a special addition hori?

edit: whats the diff between a sanwa stick and a jlf?

JLF is the model number of the standard Sanwa stick so when someone talks of a JLF stick they mean Sanwa. Have a look at for the model numbers. :slight_smile:

Quick thing- the buttons on that stick SUCK DONKEY TESTICLES. They’re definately not Sanwas, or even the buttons Hori puts into their SC2 stick. I find that they’re physically smaller and MUCH less responsive than any other buttons I’ve ever used.

The only good thing about the buttons is that they don’t make a clicking sound.

They didn’t discontinue the Real Arcade Pro did they? I was wanting to buy from NCS but they are sold out :frowning: since I’m afraid if I get it from once they have more in stock, it’ll take me a couple of weeks to get since I live in the US.

I was thinking about getting the FS2 also since the Real Arcade Pro was out of stock, but if I do that, are they moddable and how difficult is it to mod it?

Sorry for bringing up this thread but I forgot to ask whats the diff between the sanwa and seimitsu? and is it possible to order any of these from straight from hori? or are there any other online stores that sell them?

Based on what other people have said, Seimitsu’s have a longer throw and feel more oriented for shooters and whatnot. Sanwas are allegedly a better choice for fighting games due to the short throw.

I’m pretty sure the Addition and Edition were only available in Japan for preorder directly from Hori in very limited quantities. I’ve never seen any for sale online anywhere.

What you can do is buy a regular HRAP and put Sanwa buttons in it. Aside from button layout, it should be pretty close to the SA.

thanks, guess it doesnt matter since i cant pick either up. thanks again for the info.

I don’t know why you want any of these, really. You can get an SC2 Hori locally, and if you’re still not satisfied with that, you can put Sanwa parts in it. It requires quite a bit of skill, but I might do it soon so it can’t be that tough.

Yeah at pacific mall I probably should just do that and buy an adapter. Don’t know how to switch parts in. But I’d have to try the stick on its own first before even thinking of buying the parts.

Hori SC2 can’t fit a Sanwa normally. :frowning: the Sanwa will be tall if you put it in a SC2.

Do you mean the shaft will touch the bottom of the case when mounted? I recall reading a post saying that unlike the Namco stick, a Sanwa could be put in the SC2 with no modifications to the JLF body. You’re positive about this?

If you meant the handle will be a little tall, I’m not worried about that.

Edit: Here it is

That guy has always been a pro with Sanwa stuff. I hope he isn’t mistaken because I really want to try this.