Question about this Hori fighting stick 2

how are the buttons now though? is it really necessary to switch them to sanwas?

Hori SC2 buttons are pretty shitty. They’re all loose and you have to hit them pretty hard to make sure the button registers.

I dunno if the FS2 has the same buttons, but if it does then I’d switch them.

would it be better if i just invest on a japanese t5 stick or a hrap?

Anyone know if this Hori can be modded with Sanwa parts? It is old school:

Yes, I’ve seen it done before.

But this takes more work that other Hori’s like T4 or SCII stick. I think you have to widen all the holes for the button, and the stick…not so sure. I heard it was hard to do, but could be wrong.

I passed on buying it. It looked like it would be too short to fit a good stick into it. I’d have to make an extended base or something. Too much work.

On another note, how about a Fighting Stick 2? Can it be modded easily or is it a bitch too?

i meant the handle. :slight_smile: it’s probably a great fit for the stick bottom, but i hate tall Sanwa handles.

and that old school Hori, iseelba. it’s DAMN rare. i’ve only seen ONE of those, ever.

hmm… would putting a sanwa in my SC2 fix my DP and QCFx2 problem? It seems i have to make very slow and deliberate motions just to get them to come out.

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SHIPPING is a problem if your buying it from Play-Asia, Thats why I dont buy anything from there.
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yeah, we have tons of asian game stores but I have no clue if they carry the hrap.

not sure if I asked this before, sorry if i have. is there any diff between the hrap and t5 japanese hori? aside from the additional top switches on the upper left side.

Yes. The HRAP has Sanwa buttons. The Hori T5 has stock buttons that are not easily replaced. They both have Sanwa sticks.

thanks, how are the stocks buttons?

You’re a fucking idiot. They’re based in Hong Kong, what the hell do you expect? It’s not their fault the shipping costs from Hong Kong to the USA are high.

No it does not.

You’re right. The buttons are not Sanwa but are easily replaced by Sanwa. The buttons in the T5 stick are not easily replaced. See here for complete details:

Not trying to hijack the thread or anything, but my friend has one a FS2 and was wanted to mod it with Sanwa buttons. I know the PCB is soldered onto the switches like the T5 stick, but do the button holes need to be widened? Just trying to size up the work so I’ll know what exactly to do. Thanks in advance.

the holes in the PCB need to be widened.