Question about throw teching in SSF4


So, still relatively new to SF, while I’m way better in other games, I really struggle with this one. What is the throw tech window in SF? Does it change between crouch teching and normal teching? Why do I feel like I tech throws all the time but get thrown anyway? Should I mash on throw to tech or is it better to try and line it up?


7f crouching, 14f standing


Throw teching is stuff for me also, I had buddy that I played with that will throw you whenever possible. You almost want to anticipate that your going to get thrown. If your opponent finds this hole in your defense, they will capitalize on it.


Remember you can always use your tech-throw option select if your opponent is constant tick-throwing you.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s highlighted in this video at 2:31:

That whole series is just a good tutorial on the game in general. NOTE: If you’re really green in this game, don’t worry about the rest of the stuff in that video, since it requires tons of study to implement properly. I just wanted to show you that little trick to help against tick-throws :slight_smile:


Throw teching is quite a complex topic. There is even an entire Japanese blog dedicated to it:

As a beginner, you should practice delayed crouch teching. That is, you tech throws from a defensive crouching position as late as possible. Don’t mash it.

More info:
From a timing point of view, there are two ways to tech throws: Before the opponent tries to throw, and after, during the throw. Basically the game will look back a few frames to check if you pressed a throw command and if it falls within the window and are in a neutral throwable state (not performing a move, not jumping etc), you will tech the throw. You can’t be thrown for two frames after you leave block/hitstun either, so this is even more reason to tech late.

Ignoring the pre-throw tech window, you get 10f to tech a throw. That’s 3f of throw startup + 7f of throw animation. If you crouch tech, you can only tech after the throw becomes active (the 7f window), that is because throws beat normal moves. However, if you stand and tech, you have the full 10f to works with, because throws cancel each other into a tech throw. So the best way to tech (at the intermediate level) is to use crouch tech in synch with your opponent’s blockstring (the inherent 4f input lag will give you a higher chance of hitting the pre-throw tech window), followed by an immediate delayed crouch tech. Obviously this can be beaten using a number of techniques like counter-hit traps and shuffle-stepping into kara-throw, but for now you should just practice delayed crouch teching. In training mode, set a dummy to do neutral jump in your face into throw (as soon as he lands) followed by neutral jump into crouch jab or medium. With the same tech throw timing, try to tech the throw and block the attack. If you do it properly, you should tech the throw and block the attack with the same timing. If you get thrown, you’re doing it too late. If you get hit or you hit the dummy, you’re doing it too early.

It gets more complicated though. Some characters have their throw-tech windows shifted, so while the window is the same, the point at which you have to tech is slightly different. The most obvious is Gouken’s back throw. You have to tech much later, but it’s not hard to just mash out.

Tech 10f later:
Gouken’s b+Throw

Tech 1 frame later:
Chun Li f.throw
Dictator (M.Bison) f.throw
Dictator (M.Bison) b.throw
Rose f.throw

Tech 1f earlier:
Sagat f.throw

Tech 3f earlier:
T.Hawk f.throw

Credit goes to Shodan for figuring some of this stuff out.


This is incredibly insightful information. Thanks for this!


What is shuffle stepping?

I fought a player who would knock me down, then walk forward, walk back as I got up, then walk forward again and throw. Is that it?

(A lot of the time, when I got up I would press crouch tech or something, and it would whiff as they walked back, and then they would walk forward and throw me… I’ve only been pressing the buttons for the tech once instead of mashing it every time I want to do it, could I be hindering myself?)

It looked easy and simple, but I’m finding that I have a hard time copying it.


It is literally walking back and forth into a range that avoids an attack.

You think your opponent will throw
Walk back out of throw range, walk forward, punish [with a walk forward throw, wiff punish, or counter poke]
you think they are going to jab/crouch tech/os crouch tech. [do the same as the above but for the stated options range]
You can also walk back, Focus lvl 2 if you anticipate a jab/cr tech and try for a lvl 2 focus Dash forward on hit or block [both are advantageous - crumple on hit, for most chars positive on block]
you can walk back a couple frames then backthrow at your farthest range as if they have a fast reversal like a dp you will block otherwise you will throw them [or maybe get jabbed]


Okay. Thanks a lot.

What did I do wrong here? I tried to walk back but got thrown anyway.
Did I not do it early enough? Does Dhalsim have freaky throw range?