Question about timber finishes - what should I do?

I doing the finishing touches to a new stick I’m building (will post pics and work log when I’m finished :wgrin:) but I’ve got a question for those that are a bit more savvy in the timber finishes department.

Basically I’ve finished the final coat (roughly 4-5) of a polyurethane varnish (sanding in between coats) and have let it sit for a few days to cure and while the finish is acceptable, I would like it if it were smoother, I applied the varnish with a brush and while most of it is smooth, you can still see the odd brush mark and other small blemishes.

I tried to use a rubbing compound on a small spot of the bottom and it dulled the surface a bit, but then I tried buffing it up with a finer polish but I couldn’t get a really nice shine to it, which is what I’m after.

What’s the best way to go? Try a real fine sandpaper (like 2000 grit) and/or rubbing compound and then give the polish another go? I’ve read some people have used wax - can you use it over a varnish and would that be any good? Or should I just leave it as-is.

I don’t really want to make a mess of it after all the time I’ve spent so far. Thanks in advance. :lovin:

Hi, you can use paste wax and in fact I have used it over lacquer before. It doesn’t look good on dark finishes though, I will warn you. I would try wet-sanding it though.

It is a dark finish that I have, but there’s a wax available here that is for dark finishes. Anything else I could do, anyone?

Wet sanding is good advice.

And then what? What’s the best way to get the shine back?

Cheers guys :tup: