Question about tournaments:


casual player here, just curious, in a tournament are you allowed to use the extra function buttons(3 punches, 3 kicks, or even turbo)?


3 punches/kicks are generally fine. Turbo never is.


If you can bind it using the in-game menu, it is allowed. Certain games allow you to assign certain button combinations - ever since the consoles have been the main release platform for fighting games this has been allowed.

Turbo never is.


Macros are allowed (such as assigning a button to PPP and KKK. Even throw and focus to buttons.)

Turbos are universally banned at all tournaments. People will notice you using them if you decide to cheat, and it’s a pretty quick way to get banned at tournaments, and possibly get the shit beat out of you.


Lol of course turbo is banned.


It is a fair question if you don’t know. Look at every “tournament” arcade stick that comes with turbo. If you are using turbo at home, stop. Not only are you not learning how to play the game, but it doesn’t really help unless you are playing against someone who sucks anyway.


The turbo is primarily meant for schmup players. Not everybody who buys the arcade stick wants it for fighting games. Plus it increases the cost of purchase for the stick, so the manufacturers makes more money.