Question about turbo

Hey guys I am a long time SF fan, New member on these forums I have the SE fight stick and I was just wondering…

Does anybody use the Turbo on their sticks? Does it have any uses? Is it even aloud in Tournament play?
I have not found any uses really for it… So I was just wondering… Sorry if this is just a retarded question.

No it’s not allowed in tournaments.

I’m pretty sure most tourneys do not allow turbo. The only thing I used turbo for was getting through the trials, I never use it in play but then again Ryu main here. If you’re using it with characters that have multiple taps, you can use all 3 punches so its really just one motion. It’s either 4 or 5 button presses and the last one is what counts I believe. I’m sure there are billions of threads on it here.

In a laggy environment, turbo helps at least Blanka a lot. If there’s no lag, it can also be an advantage, but not as big.

Nevertheless, SF was build to be played on arcade machines. They don’t have turbo. So, in my opinion, it’s cheating. Even if there’s not that much of an advantage, because you can’t really control how long you press the button. That means you can’t really control how long you do Blanka’s electricity for example.

I’m also pretty sure that tournaments don’t allow it.

Turbo in fighting games is cheating. :tdown:

The turbo function is great for old school shooters like metal slug and raiden though. :tup:

No one cares about turbo except retards. Which is why Valle cares so much about it. He’s afraid that turbo, somehow – he nor anyone else actually knows how – would make it more annoying to play against than a char with great fireball recovery, insane framedata on his normals leading to completely stupid shit like>>fucking C.RH, and a 3 frame invul SRK that trades and cancels into ultra.

The rest of us are like you, and have found no practical use for turbo. If someone actually found out how to use it to any real advantage, it’d be an execution skill on it’s own.

Really not that dumb of a question. They built it into the sticks that are "Official Street Fight 4 Fight Stick"s. That would make any newbie question if you’re suppose to be using it or not.

But, as everyone already said: It’s not allowed and… it’s not useful if it even were allowed.

Turbo isn’t allowed in tournaments so it really shouldn’t be viable in-game either.

The only thing I recommend it for is if you’re doing the trials. Some of them give a bit of breathing room with turbo.

Turbo can make your 1 frame links come out airtight every time, and that’s why I think it’s cheating. 1 framers are an execution skill whether you double tap, plink or just straight time it. Gen with Turbo enabled also means that every moron and their cousin can do mk to hands as they wish.

Just like FPS games, idiot cheaters aren’t the ones you worry about. It’s the people that understand and exploit the cheat because they understand the game dynamics and properties.

For SHMUPS, it’s great though.

BTW, Valle and Daigo and who-have-you are using a character that allows them to exploit and use the game mechanics to the fullest…as developers had intended. It’s not their fault devs are idiots when it comes to Ryu or Sagat. The players are at no fault there. Play Ryu a little bit. You won’t wish for a nerf, you’ll wish for every character to be able to take advantage of the engine like that.
We (Guile, Sakura, Abel players, etc) are the idiots taking a knife to a gunfight. Can’t blame them for bringing a rifle

I use it in training mode when I’m setting up the dummy. It can be used to get some of the earlier character colours with Gief with as little boredom as possible. Those are the only uses I’ve found for it.

@ ExtraDas. Turbo gives you 1 frame links only 50% of the time. Try checking your facts next time.

What stops you from plinkning with turbo on?
Again, if people know what they are doing, they can exploit an exploit better.
As you might know, Guile’s BnB is a 1 frame link cr.lp> I can hit it about 60-70% of the time plinking or about 99% of the time with Turbo on. It’s not gonna help a complete newcomer who doesn’t understand the character but it can help someone who does.

But Gen’s Hands, Honda’s hands, Chun’s legs all come out with one button press and link.

Turbo hits ~30 times per second, 60 frames per second etc. So yeah, turbo can’t hit your 1 frame links for you.

Also @OP: This wasn’t even close to the dumbest question the NSD has seen. That’s a totally legitimate question for someone who has never been to a tournament.

Please don’t insult the people who helped to make our community.

Yes but they won’t be able to link another mk hands - to do it it requires you only press it 5 times - turbo isn’t so great for counting unless you have the reflexes to hold it for exactly 1/6th of a second (allowed less than 1/12th either way)


Kooper +1

That’s probably the maximum possible, since I guess the game wants a 1 frame no-press to allow a new press to register… At least I’d assume so.

Hmmm, I always thought that turbo made tick throwing certain characters impossible. Then again this is from an online perspective lol.

Turbo is useless for links. It’s better for cancel and stuff like GG or BB combos IMO. Exception to SF2 Balrog Jab combos are dumb easy with turbo

I used them for trials too and like someone else said, good for arcade 2d shooting game if u r lazy :D. i am haha

Turbo can get your links out 50 percent of the time(yes even the most difficult links), I tried it with many characters on both ST and SF4 in training mode… trust me its dumb easy with autofire… turbo is a highly unfair advantage and anyone who uses it should feel bad about themselves for not being able to win themselves…

Megaman with an autofire is less frustrating though and any side scrolling shooter is awesome with this feature so I am definitely not mad that this feature comes with TE sticks…

Hmph. I was expecting “How do I shot fireball?”, not a legitimate question.