Question about Ultra in SFIV

This has been bugging me for a long time, and I’m going to try to ask this question right, but forgive me if I don’t. I play Chun Li, and mostly play online. One of the problems I keep running into is thinking my Ultra is open, when it isn’t. For example, I just got done fighting a Zangief who was a little less then sweep range from me spamming jabs. I Ultra to catch him, and when I start my Ultra animation he is still jabbing away, but he blocks me. I’ve started my Ultra when people are jumping in, and when I start my animation their character is still in the air, but when the first hit lands they are on the ground blocking. If anyone can help me understand what I going on I would really appreciate it, because I know I am just not getting something and it is really frustrating.

There is a huge difference in the frames they have to block and recover. You can hit on jump only if you unload at the apex of the jump. Even then as Chun-Li it’s much better used against fireball spammers since it goes through fireballs and they won’t recover or Close to corner and do EX Legs to Ultra. Hitting an Ultra raw doesn’t work well.

Basically it goes like this

Jab = super fast like the flash

Ultra = Super slow like Grundy

There’s a certain amount of time that people have after doing a move called recovery time, the shorter the move the shorter the recovery time, so something like jabs will have very short recovery time, and longer running moves will have longer recovery time. Like everything else in the game a ultra has start up frames, which is the time it takes to start up. So what was happening is that gief was jabbing, the jab recovered during the start up of your ultra and he was able to block.

Now jump ins are a little different, there’s such a thing as trip guard, this is the ability to block as soon as you land. If you do a move in the air you lose your trip guard and people may hit you for a very small time as you land, simply treat trip guard like a move in relation to my explanation above. So what people are doing is landing, recovery and blocking with in the time it takes your ultra to start up/ get to them, etc.

What you’re going to need to do is try to punish bigger whiffs than jabs, say if someone misses and SRK, utlra them then. Or you can even do chuns ultra through some other ultras like Ryus, through all fireballs. Check Chuns forum for ways to get your ultra off. :3

Ultras aren’t instant (except for like Zangief’s). For the most part, you have to set them up. If you just throw them out, your opponent can avoid them.