Question about unfly infinite

can someone post the iron man unfly infinite?

thnx in advance

i believe this is how you do it

air combo -> u.fp -> air dash -> lp u.fp -> fly -> lp u.fp -> [unfly -> fly -> lp u.fp] repeat

basically your ‘one action’ in unfly is to go back into fly

this isn’t the unfly infinite…that is just a hard ass fast fly infinite…with no purpose.

the unfly infinite is sumtin like launch, lk, u.fp, ad/uf, lp, u.fp, fly, lp, mp, u.fp, [unfly, u.fp, ad/uf, lp, u.fp, fly, lp, u.fp]

anyways…it looks something like that, i think there are variations of it…it is only a semi-useful semi infinite…good for catching like a flying sentinel using flight w/out unfly mode or sumtin like that

is the unfly easier to do with …unfly hp, ad lp hp, fly lp hp, unfly …or unfly hp, ad lk hp, fly lk hp, unfly???

fly xx unfly xx fly xx unfly xx fly xx fly xx unfly…

head hurt…

This is the unfly combo I do (when I rarely ever use I-M).

Launch, lp, lk, lk, up-fp, ad up-forward, lp, mp, up-fp xx fly, lp, up-fp xx unfly, up-fp [repeat from ad up-forward]. Once you reach the top of the screen, remove the mp.

The key to the unfly infinite is to land up-fp after you in fly. If you catch sentinel with a super jumping up-fp anytime in a match ALWAYS Immidietly ad-up-forward hit lp, up-fp xx fly, lp, mp, up-fp xx unfly, up-fp, ad-up-forward lp, up-fp…so on. If you’ve already ad’ed, cancel the fp into fly and do lp, mp, up-fp xx unfly, up-fp, ad up-forward lp, up-fp xx fly do lp, mp, up-fp…blah blah blah.

The mp isn’t really necessary i just like doing it, but again once you reach the top of the screen you have to remove the mp.

Hope this helps.:slight_smile:

This is very confusing. Can someone post the actual fly/unfly infinite?

OK…the “easy” one I’ve seen is done by Julius Jackson a lot:

Launch, sj.LK, sj.uFP, dash up, sj.LK, sj.uFP, fly, sj.LK, sj.uFP xx unfly, [sj.uFP xx fly, sj.LP, sj.uFP xx unfly]