Question about UNLOCKING characters

excuse me for not doing any recent posts everyone but i have just recently got back into street fighter again. anyways i just recently bought anniversary collection and anthology and and was wondering how to unlock everyone from both games. i want to play with all the alpha series characters together but haven’t beaten all the games.

PS- anyone from colorado in these forums? i will gladly take a challenge down here even if i get my ass kicked.


Beat SFZ3 once and after that go back to the Game Selection Screen. Hold Start (or was it Select) or SFZ3 and press any button.
If you beat Pocket Fighter at least once, highlight it on the Game Selection screen, Hold Start/Select and press any button.
Finally Hold R1 or R2 while in any game’s option mode to access bonus options.
EDIT: For the Arcade ver. of SFZ3, you ca use Bison and the Dolls via these codes-

In SFZ2A, pressing Select on some characters will give you their Classic SF2 version (on Ryu, Vega & Gouki pressing Select multiple times gives you SnH Ryu, Cammy and Shin Gouki)

Does anyone know what the unlock codes are for the ARCADE version of A3? If I recall you have to input them in the system options menu (service button). I know that the characters unlock if you let enough time pass (many hours), but there are codes too…I just forget them.