Question about using a controller on a pc


I have the 6 button pdp pad as well as a hori ex 2 and i’m trying to play some emulators and MAME stuff but i can’t get the d-pad to work on the hori or the stick on the pdp. I have tried to manually configure them but they don’t register in the options menu for anything. I can map any button i want too even to the right thumb stick but no d-pad. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Oh also I have a madcats tournament edition stick and it reads the stick on that even when its set to d-pad.


Go to your control panel, click on Printers and Devices, see if your game pad shows up there
if it does right click and choose Game controller settings
Select your device on the Game controller Window that just popped up and Choose proprieties

test out your controller on the Applet