Question about vga cables for xbox360

hey guys, i have a q for your tech heads

i dont own an hd tv, but i do own a really nice monitor, so i’ve been thinking about buying vga cables to hook up my 360 to it.

ebay has some really cheap ones for about 7 dollars, which i think are cheaper than the ones that microsoft is selling, leading me to believe that they’re probably third party cables.

is there any chance that these 7 dollar cables would have some kind of lag? do cables contribute to lag or is it just the monitor that is the factor? should i not even be worried about lag at all? thanks alot for any answers :slight_smile:

i have an elite xbox, which came with an hdmi cable, but my monitor doesnt have an hdmi port—

No they won’t cause lag but they can cause ghosting and saturation issues (image quality issues) that aren’t present in the official cables.

You can buy a used Microsoft one at Gamestop for 10 bucks.

I have one right now, and I kinda wish it was a hdmi to dvi cable, but idk how i’d do this since dvi doesn’t carry audio.

Overall no problem with the vga cable, except a little bleeding or ghosting or whatever of smaller text when browsing the menu’s. it’s a little annoying, and I believe it wouldn’t be presend in dvi right? Isn’t vga analog and dvi and hdmi digital?

DVI can be digital (Single or dual), analog(Single), or both(Single or dual).

I have had no problems with the official cable at all and have always had a super clear image when using it (Still use it to this day over HDMI). I really suggest you buy an official one, they arent that much more expensive if you get one second hand. What is the highest resolution of your monitor?

i ended up buying a set a while back, i dont use it much any more, but when i did (before i had HDMI stuffs), it was really nice.

i would just splurge on the official MS ones, or buy em used like suggested above. I cant speak for 3rd party, but with the official ones you get an RCA to 35mm adapter, so you can use any old computer speakers you have lying around.

djbailey, resolution on my monitor is 1440x900

It should work fine then and look pretty good. I didnt recognise that resolution at first but I’ve just had a quick look at my display options on the 360 and it is there when im using my VGA cable. I think 1280 x 720 is the equivalent to 720p. Im using 1680 x 1050 at the moment and it looks great. Im not sure what you can really gather from that information but when I never had a HDTV this really was the cheap way of getting HD output from my 360 and i’ve never been dissapointed yet.

I bought the microsoft one for my 40" 1080p bravia and the image is really crap, sorta blurred and the colours suck (xbox 360 set to 1080p).

I had to go back to component (720p) and adapt to the slight lag, it hurt my eyes to play via vga

What? The colours are more washed out than say component and HDMI but the image is far from blurry. If anything I found it a lot smoother and with finer edges. Maybe it is your TV set or the way you had it set up. I’ve connected mine to the 40" Samsung we have down stairs, set it to 1920 x 1080 and its been perfectly fine. Also component on the 360 supports 1080p now does it not? The only way I can think that you have gotten a blurry image is that you havent had the cable set to your TV’s native resolution.

^ also worth mentioning is changing the black levels to ‘expanded’ located in the console settings> display settings> reference levels if he hasn’t done so

^^ I’ll try doing this. The resolution was definitely set to my lcd native resolution and especially the text in the game menus was terribly blurred.

Didn’t know that component supported 1080p, are you sure?

so I’ve been using a 3rd party vga cable for a while. Lots of bleeding and color saturation and it’s just overall not that nice to look at. Just bought a 27’ monitor running at 1980X1080 and it’s horrible during FPS’. There are practically 2 copies of the crosshair that are faint and a bit to the right. It’s sooo annoying. =/

I’m running on one of the first batches of 360’s though that don’t have the hdmi port in the back, so I can’t really even buy the microsoft hdmi cable which just has a slimmer audio dongle so you can put in the hdmi cable. I was looking at the madcatz conversion kit to HDMI but that’s too expensive ($60), and I was hoping to run my Turtle Beach X31’s through the audio dongle, but it wouldn’t be there with the conversion kit right? So wouldn’t that just mess up my headphone set up?

Also, I have a vga to dvi adapter. Could this possibly fix the problem easily without me spending any money? I mean the cable’s crap if it’s causing bleeding and whatnot, so can the adapter even salvage that into a good quality image? My monitor only has one DVI port, and i’m running my desktop on that.

I guess I could get an hdmi cable for my desktop, but then i’d need a dvi to hdmi adapter since my video card only has dvi outputs. I really want to spend as little money as possible. D:

What’s the best course of action? Help please!

Bump! I need help D:
it’s been a couple of days…

Well, as I see it the only thing I could advise is getting the Microsoft VGA cable.

Your problem is either with the cheap cable, the monitor, or the xbox itself, and I feel the former is by far the most likely.

I’ve used the Microsoft VGA cable and have had zero problems.

As far as your adapter, you can not go VGA->DVI with just an adapter. DVI is a digital signal. DVI was designed to have the ability to output an analog (VGA) signal for backwards compatibility, hence the simplicity of a DVI->VGA adapter. But that does not work for all DVI outputs, and will not work the other way.

As far as the conversion kit is concerned, the way I understand it you’d be better off selling your xbox (ebay/craigslist) and buying a new one. I don’t think the going rate of the older systems is very different from the new ones on the used market.

If you’re using HDMI but do not want to use the audio in the HDMI cable (external speakers or something) I believe you can just use the standard xbox composite cable for audio only along with the HDMI. I haven’t tried it myself, but I would imagine it would work.

Either way I don’t understand how HDMI would be a solution to your problem in any way.

get the official VGA adapter. trust me, it’s worth it.