Question about video clips in avatars

I’ve seen a couple of people with clips from videos in their avatars. I’m trying to make one so I’ve got a couple of questions.

How do you rip the image from the video? Say I found something online, maybe a random youtube video or whatever, how would I go about getting that to my computer?

Once that’s done, how do I get the video ripped into an image format compatible with photoshop or whatever?

Thanks for your time, whoever decides to answer this. :lovin:

Here’s my lazy way of doing it:

:wonder: When I get some time, I’ll make Yeah Dood’s Lazy guide to ripping from video sites (Youtube, Veoh… etc). But for a quick post…

To rip off from video sites I use the Download Helper add-on for FireFox to rip the flv file of the video (make sure you add “.flv” to the end of the file name without the " " around it). Then use Total Video Converter to turn the flv into an avi file. Then load the avi file in Virtual Dub Mob to edit the parts I want to keep. Then lastly load it in Image Ready and make the avatar. Depending on how good your computer/laptop is, it should take no time at all… dood!

Sweet, thanks for the help, dood. :china:

thanks also. ive been looking into this. :wgrin:

:wonder: No problem. Wow, I didn’t realize how many typos were in that tutorial. :rofl: It makes me look like even more of a moron… dood.