Question about wire gauge/strands on MadCatz TE and HRAP sticks


I’m trying to find an answer to the question of what kind of wiring MadCatz and Hori use in their pro-level sticks. I just haven’t been able to find the answer with the Forums Search Function…

This wiring doesn’t feel at all like the solid 22-gauge wire I’ve been using from Radio Shack for all my stick mods. I’d guess it’s stranded wiring similar to what’s used in the 5-pin wiring harnesses from Sanwa and Seimitsu. In some ways, I kind of prefer the thinner wire MC and Hori use in their sticks. I like the way that it can be tied and bundled together to reduce the mass of wiring “floating” in the inside of the joystick case.

Anybody have an idea of what this wiring is or know of a comparable, reasonably-priced product?

I’m also looking for the vinyl sleeves Mad Catz uses on the QD’s in the TE sticks. I know that Akihabarashop has sold 110 QD’s with these in the past but am wondering if similar product is available in the States. It’s a vanity thing, yes, and I know it doesn’t affect stick performance but it does kind of compliment the workmanship of the stick wiring…


It is UL1007, a wire standard used in professional electrical/electronics applications (PC power supplies, for instance). The standard code is printed on the insulation.

Of course you can get other hook-up wires that albeit not UL1007 approved will look similar to what Hori etc. use. It just needs to be stranded and 22-24AWG. However, the insulation of these non-UL1007 wires may be very soft and not very heat resistant so that when you tin the strands the insulation withdraws a lot (plenty of examples in the pics people post here) and that’s not something you want as it can cause shorts etc.

As for the soft vinyl insulation sleeves, I get mine from rs-components (a bag of 100 for about 3 euros) but that’s not an option if you’re in the US. Tyco makes these:

But I think you’ll have a hard time finding a supplier that doesn’t request a minimum order of several thousands.

As for the “Taito” sleeves (they’re obviously not manufactured by Taito themselves) sold by Akihabarashop, I don’t like those as they don’t have the strain relief part that the Hori/Madcatz ones have (see also mine in the link above):


Thank you very much!

You sir, are a gentleman among gentleman on the boards… :p:

A rare thing here, unfortunately… :shake:

Again, many thanks for the information.

Maybe I will find a source on e-Bay for this material.

That’s how I got the cap sockets that I use in stick mods.

UPDATE: I found two online vendors for the UL1007 stranded wire that were selling the wiring in 25ft bundles for under $10. 24-gauge is definitely cheaper than 22-gauge…

As for the insulation sleeves, no luck on that. I just can’t find a supplier or shop that sells these in North America and my European searches have brought up nothing, too. I may have to use the Akihabara brand if I go with this.

For me, the wiring is more important. Only the Mad Catz TE sticks have the sleeves which Hori doesn’t seem to use even in the HRAP sticks.


I checked my stock and I still have a few:

If you only need enough for one stick I can sell you a few of mine. If you need more I could get you a bag of 100 next time I place an order, not sure when though. 100 is 4 euros so it’s 4 cents each. Shipping to the US should be around 1 euro.


Probably going to need the bag of 100 to be honest…

That seems to be the way these electronics projects work!

The price you’re quoting is very reasonable.

I do have a growing collection of sticks…

I consider these “functional art.”

That justifies some of the expense into them! :rofl:


Fact is I don’t know when I will be ordering from rs again. Probably not before one month so I guess it’s ok only if you’re not in a hurry.

BTW the price I quoted is what I pay, no markup.


I wouldn’t mind a box of one hundred also. :china:
I’ve been wanting stuff from RS that I cannot get in United States.


I’m in no hurry… I can wait.

You’re always free to PM me whenever you decide to order the sleeves.

Thanks for the offer, btw!


I made a note to PM both of you about this when I’ll need to place an order.

BTW, a nice alternative to the soft sleeves is this nylon sleeve from JST that Farnell carries:

I think I’ll give it a go next time I order from Farnell.