Question about wwe brawl stick

I’ve been using a brawl stick for about two months out of it all. The question I would like to ask is it worth modding if there are no problems from it so . Also this is my first stick so I don’t actually know how different the modded parts differ from the stock parts.

Funnily enough, I bought the BrawlStick as my first. Recently modded mine and the buttons feel a million times better. I got Sanwa OB-SF30s, just ordered a Sanwa stick to smash inside it too… But too answer your question:

Leave it a while before you buy the modding parts, that way you’ll feel the difference and love it more!

if it aint broke, dont fix it…

but authentic arcade parts are always worth putting in.

as its your first stick, maybe you should carry on playing on it as it is, and when you know you definately want to stay on stick, Then mod it. Or get a TE stick or a V3/VX SA or even a custom if you got the cash, and keep the brawl stick for player 2 when your boys come round for a game,

Thanks folks I do know for sure that I will definitely be staying on stick it just feels right. I am thinking about getting a TE when the ones for SFxT releases