Question about X-arcade buttons


I want to change the buttons on my x-arcade and replace it with the Happ arcade buttons. Can it be done? If so,then I was thinking of buying it from


Yes. X-Arcade buttons are just knockoffs of Happ buttons, so the measurements are the same, they will fit in with no problem.


Yup really easy to replace. Just open the stick up, remove QDs, unscrew button, and put the new one in the same way.

Although last i checked the buttons in the X-arcade stick, were decent-quality KOs of Happ concave buttons. What you should place priority on instead is replacing that stick!

The stick in an X-Arcade is a knock-off of the Happ “super”. Even though its also decent quality for a KO, even official Happ super sticks are crappy. You definitely need to put an IL/Happ Competition stick in there.


How difficult it is to replace the stick?


Just removing the 4 bolts w/ nuts that hold the stick in place, removing the ring at the bottom and taking the shaft out, then disconnecting the Quick-disconnect wires, and making note of which wires go where. I’d get some little twist tie thingys and keep the pairs of connects(2 per microswitch) together that way. Also remember that 1 QD relays the signal for movement, while the other QD brings power to the switch(like the buttons).

Arcade sticks are very simple technology. You’ve got a hollow wooden or plastic box, controls mounted on top, a PCB board on the inside with wires connecting to the stick/buttons, and finally a wire leaving the case to connect to your system of choice.

You’ll know once you open it up and see for yourself. Only mild challenge here is just keeping track of which wire goes where.

And save the 4 long bolts & nuts that secure the stick in place. You’ll need them for when you put in the IL/Happ Competition.

Edit: also when removing quick disconnects, i suggest using a flathead screwdriver to push them off. You’d be tempted to just tug and remove them that way, but the risk of screwing up the connection is not worth it. Then you’d have to strip and crimp a new QD on there.