Question about X-Arcade Sticks

I’m planning on entering EVO for the first time this year, but I play with an X-Arcade joystick using a dreamcast adaptor. Will I be allowed to use this in the tournament? Sorry if this is a newbie question, I just kinda need to know if I have to budget another controller to compete with. X_x

you will need to purchase a ps2 adapter or a ps2 stick if you plan on entering anything other than mvc2

off the top of my head. tekken, cvs2, third strike, super turbo are all run on ps2

Yeah those are all on PS2, so if I get ahold of a PS2 adaptor there won’t be anything against me using it?

No reason you wouldn’t be able to use it. Send me a PM sometime before Evo and as long as I’m still in a giving mood I may have an extra stick you can borrow and use for the tournament.

Thanks for the input guys. Just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t have to switch to the normal controller again. X_x

Are you allowed to use normal controllers? My arcade stick isn’t going to arrive in time.

tetsuya: might i give you advice and ditch those x-arcades? seriously, you’ll thank me later =)

I plan on bringing my own shit if it’s allowed.

HAPP competition sticks, US style HAPP buttons, Cherry horizontal switches, and BOY PCB w/ PS2 adapter.

(I’ve only used PS2 for DVD playback)

Yeah…I got the chance to play on some Hori sticks at Devastation.

I can see what you were talking about now.

Oh well. Any suggestions on new sticks I should invest in?

yes it is